We fell for it!

Today started like any other usual school morning the half hour, 15 mins  and five-minute countdown.

Meanwhile.the prankster of the house was fast at work trying to pull the wool over our eyes!

Unknown to us Logan had planted a special surprise on the carpet by his bedroom door! Knowing full well the effect it will have….

After walking up and down the stairs a fair few times out of the corner of my eye I see a brown object on the floor immediately I thought s**t literally!

Then it dawned on me this looked unlike any of the poop I have seen before! As a mum I can tell exactly who’s poop is who’s lol the joy of motherhood!

Anyway the little prankster had planted a plastic joke poop for me to find! I cannot believe I fell for it again! Life with a son is never boring!

Send Help

K xx


The Rain Filled Half Term!

This half term has to have been the most Rain filled in my School-Mum Life!

We haven’t had the most fun filled of half terms there hasn’t been trips out and no special adventures! And the day the sun did shine we were all GERMED up after the most horrendous Sickness bug! 

The children have been bouncing off the walls with pent up energy, I have lost my Sh**t a few times 😦  and if I ever see Crazy Sand or the Arts and Craft box again I will have to go and lock myself in a dark room!

But we have spent lots of time together eating chocolate, playing board games and watching as many Disney Films as we can! SOFT PLAY HELL was avoided as the one local to us is as tiny as a shoe box!

I have GUTTED most of the house the amount of unnecessary crap we had was ridiculous! I wish I  had took a photo of the aftermath- It looked like something from the HOARDERS!  and have a pile of clothes to donate to charity, put on the selling site and a pile to keep any future babies – Not that we are planning to expand our family anytime soon!

I hope your half terms have been filled with fun family moments! I for one cannot wait for Normality to hit and the big ones be back at school don’t get me wrong I will miss them but These last few days have Beaten my sanity!

K xx


Siblings Day!


I absolutely love the bond my three children have with one another, at the weekend the big children had a sleepover at their Nans, Little chick really was not happy about this she was in a very foul mood all day and would not be left alone without crying her little heart out, As soon as they were dropped off the next morning she was happy as a pig in muck again and back to her usual self and I could eventually get on with my daily tasks!

Esme is such a mother hen with Niamh it is so lovely to see,, I knew she would be a really good big sister from her reaction to the gender reveal Click here to view the video  it really is the sweetest thing! even now tears start to roll down my face when I watch!

When I  was pregnant I instantly started to worry about Logan and how he would adapt to having a younger sibling! Turns out we have had a few green eyed monster moments but when Niamh was born he went into school and said that Niamh was his Sunshine!

Don’t get me wrong the big children FIGHT like cat and dog but the minute the other one is upset there is all kisses and cuddles! They really love each other more than I could have ever hoped! If they stopped fighting so much it would be amazing!

I cannot wait to see how their relationships grow as they become older!

K xx


Living a Non Filtered life!

When I scroll through social media- Instagram is my weakness! All I see are images of people that have been highly edited/filtered, personally the only thing I do to my images is  filter to black and white.

My grid on Instagram is full of all kinds of snaps.. I have not got a colour theme!- Holy Moly I’ve committed a Insta Sin.

I post photos with a messy background as its my ‘Reality’ Oh and don’t get me wrong  I would love a  ‘Instagram worthy house’ but with three children running/crawling/bumshuffling around that dream is not going to happen!

The images I share are in the moment snaps! all taken on my Phone or Camera and all uploaded on the go.  You may find the odd snotty nose, blury snap or even a finger intruder on the image! but for me its my life! My children will grow up and will avoid me with a passion to have photos taken and I will have to start showing my face more on the grid!

20180216_130510624621613.jpgTake this image for example I have put of sharing it because of a variety of different reasons! My massive mum tum is one of them! I don’t look aesthetically pleasing but this is me! I have grown humans, been through loss, weight gain/weight loss.

Be proud of your life! don’t try and heavily edit it! Lets keep things real!

And if you wish to join me on my Reality Mission  me out on Insta Click Here 🙂

K xx





A Letter to Our One Year Old

img_20180211_121235_224694036451.jpgDearest Sweet Niamh,

You came into the world a week early due to Mummy being so poorly whilst you were growing! from the second you were born you made your intentions clear and claimed Daddy as your own by weeing all over him – that’s my girl!

We came home from hospital the following day and its like you had always been in our lives!  Your Big Sister and Brother absolutely adore you to the point Logan went to school after you were born and convinced all his teachers your name was Niamh Sunshine, Although its a pretty name and would suit you too a tea as since you were born you have brought nothing but Sunshine!


You love music and have no problem with dancing along with the beat! you whoop and throw your arms in the air! You hear music playing in the shops and ask for Row Row! And you LOVE Peppa Pig and all her friends!

You love Dogs- Any size Big,  small or even a Gigantic one! You Lunge yourself out of the pushchair to get close to the Dog! One night you were calling Dog! Dog! Dog ! for what felt like hours instead of sleeping!

20180202_1719401833325607.jpgMost of all Niamh you are the most sweetest Little Girl you hardly ever cry and when you do its because you want a snack!

You have filled Our Hearts with more Joy than I thought was possible! I would love to have the power to stop time so you stay this little forever!


Continue to be your cheeky, Smiley self Mummy and Daddy cannot really believe you are One! You have had so many amazing adventures this last year!

Lets go and Eat cake and get messy!

All Our Love,

Your Crazy loud family!




Parenting over Babysitting!

“Oh is Jim Babysitting?”  is a question I get when I leave the house rarely on my own.

Lets face it us Mums never really get 2 minutes on our own without Our  little tribe member/s  staring back at you whilst you have a wee!

One thing I have noticed after having Niamh this time round a lot of strangers like to throw their unwanted opinions around like confetti at a wedding! someone always has something to say about the bruise on your child’s head, the fact your weaning your baby off of a bottle  and heaven forbid they suck their thumb – You Should of just given them a Dummy!

Today whilst on the school run Jim was asked “Oh  are you babysitting?” Like its a chore to take your Step-Children to school and take the baby in the pushchair for some fresh air!

The term babysitting when referring to people’s children actually makes me cross! they aren’t babysitting its called parenting! Its good for Mum’s, Dad’s, StepMum’s and Step Dads to have a break every now and again! even if it is to wash their hair or have a wee in peace! being a parent sometimes is a whirlwind at the end of the day I  sit down looking like a dishevelled mess thinking did I do all I could for my little tribe today, did I discipline them enough, did I give them all enough quality time!

Does anyone else feel this way? please tell me I’m not alone!

K xx






Are we done?

Yesterday after a few long months of tests, scans and trying different medication I was asked wether we have completed our family. Three children was never in my plan but the best things are the unplanned ones!

For a few months I’ve been battling the Do We? Don’t we? I don’t feel like I can put my hand on my heart and say “that’s it.. three is Our number”

For every first that Niamh does its the last time I’m going to have a baby that does that its such a bittersweet feeling, after my poorly pregnancy with her I said I could Never put myself through it all again but now I think I would.

You could call me a bit strange but I love giving birth,  bringing more sunshine into our lives and their little newborn fingers and toes!

Would having four children tip me into crazy town? Would Logan ever forgive me if he’s surrounded by sisters!

One things for sure The more children I have the more brooding happens!

Time will tell..

K xx

Baby Slime!

Today I realised something I have been doing for the last 8 years! that has quite frankly irritated me!

Today Niamh and I were playing I had baby slime rubbed all over my jeans, top probably got a little something in my hair too! lol

I instantly lunged for the wet wipes to give my jeans a good old mum wipe lol as I started wiping all the baby slime away I NOTICED something amazing! Niamh had printed a perfect whole hand on the knee of my jeans! I’m not going to lie to you I did feel my throat go and a few tears ran down my face.

All these baby slime marks that all my children have all left on me at some point will all stop, and there I was wet wipe in hand removing them from my jeans!

So from now on! I’m going to let her rub baby slime on my clothes wherever she likes! after all she is only little once!

I am super hormonal at the moment but today was a very good day!

K xxx

Boredom Busters!!!

Logan came out of school on the last day of term with a Pebble to turn into a story stone to start with I thought ahhhh another thing for me to make him sit down and do!

We talked about what he wanted to do on his stone and he decided he wanted to do a rocket!


To make your own..

  1. Find a pebble or even a small tile
  2. Paint white or whichevercolour you fancy
  3. Draw on design. So Logan drew with pencil and I went over with permanent markers (poundshop bargain)
  4. Then he coloured in the picture, I then being the #EXTRAMum I am I went over his colouring lol
  5. Varnish with either PVA or I picked up some clear gloss from the pound shop!

I also spotted story cards in Aldi that you can play at home- theres all sorts of different ones!

For big kids!

The one thing we are working on with Esmé is her Times Tables so when I saw these on Amazon for £2.50 I had to give them a go!

So far so good, we play it like snap but moos is so competative she has to win! You can get theseb cards for adding, subtraction, times tables and division..

Just a few boredom busters for you Mummies and Daddies facing Half term this week! ♥

K xx

Our January Faves!!

Niamh has really loved playing with her Fisher Price Beat Belle! She has also started dancing along to the music! Beat Belle

Also Niamh has been loving pushing along her Kitchen walker! It comes with blocks to sort through the holes and cogs to turn and twist! Wooden Kitchen Push Along

Ive been loving using my sewing boxy Nan got me for Christmas its so handy keeping all the bits and bobs in here! Jim laughed at me the other day as I said I would love to start doing cross stitch sets!

Logan has been loving his Marvel Me reader!

Each page has an icon on that you press on the Reader Logan loves it as he can read himself or press the button and follow along with the reader pointing to the words.

Link to all the different Read Me items on Amazon

Esmé has shown a real big interest In bird watching, we have signed up as a family to take part in The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch – More about that in a special blog post by Esmé! Link to RSPB Website

Until next time

K xxx